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Automotive technology The effective use of

information about self-driving cars or

equipment. Students in automotive

technology learn about engine design,

gasoline and heating systems, electrical

power, brakes, transmission, electronic and

diagnostic equipment.

Automotive safety technology

(VST) in the automotive industry refers to

specialized technology developed to ensure

the safety of vehicles and their passengers.

The term covers various projects and

organizations in the automotive industry.

Traffic system

The car navigation system is part of the controls of the vehicle or an external company

extension used to determine the direction of the vehicle. however It usually uses a satellite

navigation tool to retrieve its location data, and then aligns with the street position. When

route guidance is required, the route can be calculated. therefore Traffic information can be used to

navigate the route.

With great reliability, so measurement using distance data from sensors connected to the

driveline, gyroscope, and accelerometer can be used, as loss of GPS signal and/or

multipath may be due to spaces or tunnels.

Remote car technology

Transmitter: Holds the transmitter in your hands to control the toy. . so Recipient: The antenna and circuit board printed inside the toy
receives signals from the transmitter and activates the engines inside the toy as instructed by the transmitter. therefore Engines: Engines can
change wheels, steer a car, use a propeller, etc.

Car tracking system

however, combines the use of automated vehicle placement on individual vehicles with software that collects this data from ships to get a
complete picture of the vehicle’s location. Modern car tracking systems often use GPS or GLONASS technology to locate a car, but
other types of automotive location technology can also  use. Vehicle details can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or
through special software. Public transport authorities are the most frequent user of vehicle tracking systems, especially in large cities.
The words self-explanatory and independent are used differently, and of course. Independence is more common, while private
driving only refers to vehicles. In the case of cars, however, these technical conditions do not matter.

non-motor vehicle technology
Private cars rely on hardware and software to drive on the road without user intervention. Hardware collects data; therefore software edits and

integrates it. so On the software side, input data is process using machine learning techniques or complex lines of code trained in real-
world situations. It is this machine learning technology that is the foundation of independent driving technology.

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