entertainment industry will expand with Driverless

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entertainment industry will expand with Driverless


Driverless vehicles will expand the entertainment industry

Entertainment industry will expand with Driverless It seems that every day we see large car manufacturers as well as large companies unveiling their prototypes and models of new electric and autonomous vehicles. Companies like Tesla, Nissan, Google, Uber and Amazon are said to be leading the charge, but the hunt is for everyone.



are leaning more and more to try to get ahead and get started in the ever-changing automotive industry. An industry that many believe is moving from the motor oil engines we have today to completely driverless and electrically powered. This is also happening abroad, China appears to be the overall industry leader.

China buys and produces

more cars than anyone else in the world. And they have already doubled the sales of electric vehicles compared to the United States, mainly due to public promotion and the benefits of buying and using these vehicles.

The rise of driverless vehicles

is possible due to the amount of money and time that these giant companies are now investing in the industry. Trying to create the perfect model while fighting each other for the top.
People are easily distracted, often speeding up, and making costly mistakes along the way. Large companies are now trying to build the perfect combination of autonomous security features, better technology, and a more leisure experience.

An unknown

winner in all of this will be the entertainment industry. The goal of driverless cars is to secure more people on the roads. So what do you want to do during your next car trip

when you no longer have to worry about driving directions or driving directions Some

of us may be sleeping, some of us are reading or evaluating jobs, but the truth is, most of us now want to watch TV or a movie or even play a game system. The technology has become so advanced in recent years and it will continue to expand. New technology keeps us connected to our cars so we can enjoy a long car ride with dimmed lights, comfortable seats, and movie playback, all while driving in your own car.

General Motors

has just introduced its latest service called Marketplace. This new service allows you to

use your touch screen in the car to access various services such as food, entertainment,

gasoline, and even hotels. GM continues the trend toward more connected cars,

something we’ve already seen with the addition of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth across many newer vehicles.

The Marketplace service offers prominent brands and deals so you can easily access your breakfast on the go.  The service automatically directs you to anywhere you choose, such as the nearest BP service station.

This service will also act

as an advertising platform as well as a rush for businesses to get their product and logo on their touch screen. Several companies like Wing Stop, Dunkin Donuts, and TGI Fridays are reportedly all around so far.

The drive for driverless cars

opens the door to the entertainment industry and allows you to integrate into the auto industry. The two would presumably merge to be able to offer television, movies,

sports, games, etc. to all drivers on the road.

The possibilities and the gains are endless for the range of these new features to make the car more connected to the driver.\

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