Even more hassle for driver less vehicle limousine rental

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Even more hassle for driver less vehicle limousine rental


Even more hassle for driverless vehicle  limousine rental

Even more hassle for driverless limousine rental For a long time, many very experienced limo rental companies have discouraged excessive expectations of driverless vehicle technology, at least in relation to limousine rentals.

The future is bright

While the newspapers of recent years have been filled with phenomenally optimistic

“drivers will be outdated tomorrow” predictions, many professionals have been more

dubious. Their reasons mentioned have included things like: info technology hub

Public opposition
Safety vehicle
Technical reliability


Many of these have been dismissed as “Luddite minded” or “naysayers” by large business groups who believe the future is here and are investing heavily in-vehicle technology. This may be understandable, but recently the future has become even darker in this area due to disputes between legislators and insurance companies.

The dimension of responsibility

To illustrate the problem, let’s consider a relatively minor traffic accident today.
In general, the police and insurance companies have tried and tested methods of assigning responsibility for the accident based on a relatively simple analysis. In a way this is simple (often, though not always) because there are usually only human drivers

involved, and responsibilities can be identified and distributed accordingly.
However, imagine the situation where you have two driverless vehicles. So there are four

parties involved, both drivers (who may or may not have played a role) plus their software control systems.

The driver who may not have even driven or the supplier of the vehicle and its software systems?

Sounds surreal? Well, it’s getting worse!

Have you experienced a non-working PC and then find yourself at the center of a series of circles between the store you bought it from, the hardware vendor, the operating system vendor, and your software application vendor? the problem? Have you ever felt powerless and had to give up?
If so, you are not alone!

Then imagine yourself in the future where you will face a huge bill after an accident in which he did not even drive. Your automaker, your navigation software vendor, your

control system vendor, and the other party’s manufacturer and software vendor are fighting furiously over who was to blame, trying to produce software logs to prove their point.

Add to that mess two insurance companies fighting for their respective corners and there is a real chance. That your vehicle will sit and wait for months to be repaired while everything is sorted out.
A big problem with corporate responsibility

This is not just a cartoon, here are some serious problems.

Many drivers will ask why they have to pay third-party insurance related to the driver when they are no longer driving the vehicle. You don’t expect to pay for insurance every time you get on a bus or train because you have no control. Why should a driverless vehicle be any different?
Likewise, automakers and automated system providers feel weak at the thought of

suddenly having unlimited exposure to third-party liability for every vehicle accident on

the planet when driving systems arrive. The governments of the world are concerned

that no one will end up being held accountable, plus they will lose a large amount of

insurance tax revenue that they are currently getting directly or indirectly from Joe Public.

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