keyboards into driverless vehicle design

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keyboards into driverless vehicle design


Integration of rubber keyboards into driverless vehicle technology design

keyboards into driverless vehicle design With driverless cars expected to be the vehicles of the future, interior controls are something today’s engineers and product designers need to consider. The use of silicone rubber keyboards is one of the likely components of new vehicles due to its versatility, durability, and adaptability. A change of location will be necessary but possible. While various designs are up for grabs with half a dozen automakers and tech companies, automotive industry experts predict that driverless vehicles will hit the consumer market between 2020 and 2028. Some vehicles will have partially automated control over their place for 2015. Now is the time for designers of these futuristic cars to start planning the use of silicone rubber keyboard technology hub

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Rubber keyboards are already used in most vehicles on the road today.
The difference is likely to be in its location and custom design. For example A passenger side makes a center panel on the dash even more sense with custom rubberized keyboards for comfort, lighting and music. However, a computer monitor for the automated controller will take up a lot of space as seen in many of today’s designs. The new passenger access console is likely to be on the right side of the dash. On the door there are buttons for door locks and window control. It’s enough? Seat heating and positioning are fast becoming options on higher-line vehicles. Integrating these controls into a rubber keyboard within arm’s reach of the passengers will undoubtedly provide more creative comforts for the front and rear seats.




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The designer can customize vehicles with a variety of features. For example, silicone rubber keyboards can control access to any controls in the vehicle, from music to lighting to the likely required auto kill switch.


Placing keys on rubber keyboards is crucial for passenger comfort and convenience. Buttons can be designed in any shape or color, so designers should consider the main use. For example, the temperature, ventilation and air control functions can be

centrally located with an on / off switch and colors denoting hot and cold keys, with

arrows to increase or decrease the temperature and output. Window and seat operations are other control options. Custom silicone trim can be used around the

so keyboard and throughout the vehicle to protect cracks and seams from moisture, chemicals, and penetration of dust. The color scheme can be adjuste to coordinate or contrast with the other colors of the vehicle.


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Custom silicone rubber is a durable material that can withstand severe use, dirt, moisture, and extreme conditions. Tomorrow’s car keyboards need all of these features to last as long as vehicles. Additionally, silicone rubber manufacturers can add abrasion and chemical resistant coatings. They can also improve bonding to acrylic, as well as provide a conducive silicone-based coating for silicone keyboard products.

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