Self-driving Vehicle: are they the future?

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Self-driving Vehicle: are they the future?

Self-driving Vehicle

Even though we are now in the computer age, people still find it hard to understand. So that self-driving and self-driving cars akin to the Knight rider’s ‘Kit’ or Bat mobile in Batman. Because with their futuristic ability to maneuver themselves, are part of our new reality. However, for nearly a decade now. Google, the internet search giant, has been busy bringing this very concept to American roads. Google’s self-driving cars have now complete 750,000 miles on the road without any major accidents. The company confidently declares that self-driving car technology, at least in terms of cars on the road, is a reality. They are confident that their vehicles can handle almost any scenario that arises on the road. Self-driving Vehicle technology has become hot news, and all the major car companies are involve in research in this technology hub

Self-driving Vehicle solution

The solution most people come up with at the mention of self-driving cars is that it has to be some kind of v2n solution. Where the vehicles communicate directly with the network via fix nodes across the city. They can track each car and keep traffic going.

Self-driving Vehicle

Self-driving Vehicle


Self-driving Vehicle runs smoothly

Diverting and directing traffic so everything runs smoothly. This type of system would be a natural precursor to the Self-driving Vehicle system. However, Google has taken the exact opposite path by relying almost entirely on in-vehicle sensors. So that interact and respond to the outside world. So these sensors in conjunction with extensive GPS and mapping applications Currently. Only suitable for a distance of 10 meters approx. in the common process of steering the vehicle. This is likely because a network self-driving vehicle car solution would include multiple repeaters and amplifiers and would be prohibitively expensive in terms of power consumption, infrastructure, and bandwidth usage.

Self-driving Vehicle company

Now, an Indian company, Trigon, claims to have invent a new Self-driving Vehicle technology. So that will cost a fraction of Google’s Self-driving Vehicle system and will work almost flawlessly in almost any situation. Any successful Self-driving Vehicle technology requires quick timing. So excellent response times and coordination to be able to maneuver in normal traffic conditions. Instead of trying to solve the problem by loading up on a large number of sensors. Such as the self-driving car systems of Google, Mercedes and Toyota. The Self-driving Vehicle solution design by Trigon uses LIDAR mapping with a diffuse laser view of the surroundings and fewer small cameras.

Self-driving Vehicle information about the track

Detail information about the track obtain in this way is store in the car’s computers. This means that a car must first be driven on a particular road before it can drive that road on its own. It is worth mentioning here that the efficiency.  Accuracy of 3-D maps LIDAR keep pace with computers because they improve their performance. Therefore, it is now possible to achieve 3-D mapping in the real time equivalent.


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