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Vehicle Technology


Test Drive of Google Driverless cars

Google Driverless vehicle Test Drive Test Drive of Google Driverless vehicle  Google has the first autonomous driver’s license in history. The state of Nevada has allowed Google to test drive a Toyota Prius installed with Google’s amazing technology. The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles said Google can use its autonomous driving technology on public streets.…
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Safety car

Safety car OF Lexus Unveils

Lexus Unveils New Safety vehicle technology Safety car  The car manufacturer unveiled the car, at the Consumer Electronics Show, anticipating a potential road accident. Manufacturers of luxury cars, Toyota subsidies, have given the public the first opportunity to look at the world’s most effective safety car research vehicle, the AASRV. AASRV is designe to test…
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Deaths Down Due to Increased Vehicle Safety Technology

Vehicle Deaths Down Due to Increased Safety Technology Deaths Down Due to Increased Safety Technology  The advancement of automotive safety has come a long way. Can you imagine a time when there were no seat belts, airbags, or rearview mirrors, not to mention technology such as the ABS, ESC or RSC that is now widely…
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