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Autonomous Vehicle in the taxi industry

Autonomous cars in the taxi industry There are many names that offer taxi services through their taxi apps and help their drivers make ends meet. For most people, it has become the only means of earning their bread because they have left other jobs to justify their responsibilities and duties. But what if your services…
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Even more hassle for driver less vehicle limousine rental

Even more hassle for driverless vehicle  limousine rental Even more hassle for driverless limousine rental For a long time, many very experienced limo rental companies have discouraged excessive expectations of driverless vehicle technology, at least in relation to limousine rentals. The future is bright While the newspapers of recent years have been filled with phenomenally…
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life-saving question is Driver less vehicle technology

Driverless cars: the life-saving question   life-saving question is Driverless cars technology There is no doubt that autonomous cars are revolutionizing the automotive industry. One of the main approaches for critics and consumers is whether driverless cars are really safe. The World Health Organization estimates that there are 1.2 million road traffic deaths worldwide each…
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