Test Drive of Google Driverless cars

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Test Drive of Google Driverless cars


Google Driverless vehicle Test Drive

Test Drive of Google Driverless vehicle  Google has the first autonomous driver’s license in history. The state of Nevada has allowed Google to test drive a Toyota Prius installed with Google’s amazing technology. The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles said Google can use its autonomous driving technology on public streets. Conditions set by the authorities include having one person sitting in the driver’s seat and one person sitting in the passenger seat.info technology hub

Procedures required to obtain a license

Nevada is the first state to change its laws to cater for autonomous vehicles. Members of the public may obtain special licenses in the future to own such a vehicle. In order for Google to get their license. They had to go through some grueling procedures. Nevada law requires 10,000 miles of pretesting on private roads before anything is considers

Google previously vehicle technology

had a series of legal tangles to overcome in order to make its newly granted license a reality. Previously, the company had tested its car in Las Vegas on roads. Other test areas include San Francisco. California is said to be considering legislative changes similar to Nevada. Following the news, other car companies have emerged that are developing autonomous driving technology also within the framework of autonomous driving licensing.

These tests had a specially

trained backup driver ready to take control of the car if Google’s vehicle technology failed. therefore Google has said that its tests of this specific vehicle technology have traveled 140,000 miles without major accidents. The only collision reported was when a vehicle from behind collided with the car at traffic lights, causing minimal damage. It was not due to Google technology. But the other driver is said to have cause the accident.

Today’s news is a clear sign that driverless vehicle technology has taken a big step towards its realization. so To make sure everyone can recognize the vehicle on the road, the Toyota Prius has a red license plate that says 001.

How does it work?

First of all, the vehicle includes camcorders, which are very well located on the roof. These work with special laser technology that allows the car to locate nearby traffic and objects.

Google’s autonomous Toyota Prius may be safer than today’s vehicles on the road. Many accidents are due to human error. Google’s technology is so advance that it has

the ability to prevent many accidents that often occur. The sensors adapt to the vehicle environment and keep traffic moving and drive the vehicle at a reasonable speed.

so Google’s automated driving system is consider the best in the world right now. According to many experts, it is better to try Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz. however Google’s technology is immersing itself in the driver’s market and the car safety market. With Google’s self-driving vehicle, minimal human interaction is require.

Will this change driving forever?

While this is a big step in the right direction for Google. It is not yet known when the

technology will be rolled out. so When it launches. It will definitely change driving forever. Who would rather not take a lazier approach to driving that is safer at the same time? therefore This would help alleviate the frustration of the constant start and stop movement in traffic jams and would also put an end to the rage.

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